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Tales from the Cross


Africa has never been short of strange tales, and Tales From The Cross recounts eight of the strangest.


Harry Kamel is a successful attorney in Cape Town. In his spare time, he dons the uniform of a  voluntary air ambulance pilot, and flies rescue missions that span the vast continent. On these journeys he encounters events and circumstances almost impossible to imagine …


He is there when modest motor mechanic Jan Greyling meets a nightmare on the road; watches astonished as Frau Wallenstein’s mysterious condition reveals itself at last; provides a steady steering hand when little Rose Nyathi’s misstep places her young life in the balance, and rushes headlong to unspeakable humiliation with Ernst Friedrich, the sick soundman who staggered in from the killing fields of Rwanda.


From the fabled beaches of the Sperrgebiet  to rogue buffalos, heart harvests for monsters and canned hunting, Tales From The Cross demonstrates that truth can indeed be stranger than fiction. Here are eight true stories that could have sprung from no other place.

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